03. Eureka

The idea arcade: combining world issues and tech solutions with the power of AI to solve universal problems.

A picture of a UX design and branding project called Eureka: the idea arcade, a vintage arcade game combining world issues & tech solutions with the power of ai. The picture is a mockup of the website version of the game.


As AI technology like ChatGPT gained attention, people became worried about its potential impact. This fear was worsened by non-user friendly interfaces and chatbots, leading to widespread uncertainty and reluctance to embrace AI.



A gif of the eureka digital website version of the vintage arcade game.
A gif of the loading animation shown on the eureka game before the result of combining world issues with ai solutions appears.
A picture of the full-size physical arcade game box of Eureka.


Sustainable Loyalty takes the customer relationship far beyond the pump. Aligning behaviour with rewards that match the values of tomorrow’s driver.  In the metaverse style interaction, viewers can grow their island of projects they invested in alongside te energy company - the rewards focus on personalisation, community, feedback loops, quantified impact and digital assets.

Room for more?

Room for more?