03. Eureka

The idea arcade: combining world issues and tech solutions with the power of AI to solve universal problems.

A picture of a UX design and branding project called Eureka: the idea arcade, a vintage arcade game combining world issues & tech solutions with the power of ai. The picture is a mockup of the website version of the game.


As AI technology like ChatGPT gained attention, people became worried about its potential impact. This fear was worsened by non-user friendly interfaces and chatbots, leading to widespread uncertainty and reluctance to embrace AI.



A gif of the eureka digital website version of the vintage arcade game.
A gif of the loading animation shown on the eureka game before the result of combining world issues with ai solutions appears.
A picture of the full-size physical arcade game box of Eureka.


We made a retro arcade game experience with bespoke music and lighting. Using AI chatbot GPT-3, and using the UN’s list of the world’s most pressing issues, we prompted the AI to find a solution using emerging technologies. We wanted to package it in a fun, approachable way that people would recognise from the past and get a sense of ease about their fear.We made an online version as well to widen the audience globally and outside of the office.

Room for more?

Room for more?